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Income-Based Scholarship Program

Created in 2013, the Income-Based Scholarship Program is an expansion of the EdChoice Scholarship Program that provides scholarships to students from working class families to be used toward tuition at the participating private school of their choice. The scholarship is renewable through high school graduation.

Who is eligible?

Any student entering grades K-3 whose family’s income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines is eligible to apply for the upcoming 2016-17 school year, unless they are eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship. Each school year, a new grade will be added. For example, incoming fourth grade students will be eligible to apply for the scholarship for the 2017-18 school year. This scholarship is based only on income and is available in any part of the state.

Families with incoming kindergarten, first-grade, second-grade or third-grade students who earn less than these income guidelines are eligible to apply for the income-based scholarship:

2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Size

200 Percent















For Each Additional

add $8,320

Note: Students who are eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship Program or the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program are not eligible for the Income-Based Scholarship Program.

How much is the scholarship worth?

Income-Based Scholarships are worth $4,650, and private schools are required to take the scholarship as full tuition for families under 200% of federal poverty guidelines.

After receiving a scholarship, if a family’s income rises between 200% and 300% of federal poverty guidelines, their child will receive a scholarship worth 75% of its maximum amount. If it rises to between 300% and 400%, the child’s scholarship will be reduced to 50% of its maximum value. If a family’s income rises above 400%, their child will no longer be eligible to receive a scholarship.

What private school can my child attend?

Income-Based Scholarships are accepted at any participating, chartered private school. Click here for a list of private schools that accept Income-Based Scholarships.

How do we apply? 

  1. Start shopping – Review the list of participating private schools. Use the evaluation tools, and choose the school on the list that is the best fit for your child and family.
  2. Apply to a private school – Apply to the participating private school(s) of your choice. Your child will go through the regular admission process at the school.
  3. Scholarship application – If your child is accepted, the private school you choose will apply for the scholarship on your behalf.

Note: All steps must be completed by the application deadline to apply.

When do we apply?

The application window for the Income-Based Scholarship Program opens on February 1 and closes in July. Your child must already have been accepted at a private school before the deadline so that the school can apply for the scholarship on their behalf.

How many scholarships are available?

For the 2016-17 school year, there will be approximately 8,000 scholarships available. Each year will add 2,000 new scholarships until the program is fully implemented and there are 26,000 available scholarships statewide.

Will I have to pay any costs?

The scholarship can be used toward tuition. You will be responsible for paying other costs like application fees, uniform costs, etc. If your family does not meet the income guidelines, you will be responsible for any tuition costs not covered by the scholarship.

How is this scholarship funded?

The Income-Based Scholarship is funded through the State of Ohio through a state budget line item using general revenue funds. 

The Ohio Department of Education administers this scholarship program.
For more information on the program from the department, click here.

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